My Biography

Before BodiesByTim...


In 2008, I had been working relentlessly through the ranks, in the automotive industry to gain experience and a reputation. So I could work for my dads brother, whom I deeply admired for his grit and ethics, he was a successful business man and car dealership owner. 


Around June of that year, I was let go from the only career I thought I could see myself living out. That was a hard blow. I was a fleet manager with a nice desk and office. How could this happen? Well remember all those loans people got for their homes when they shouldn’t have... yup! People don’t buy cars when they can’t afford them. 


So for nearly 2 weeks I wore my suit to my best friends house and played it off to my dad that I was still employed. One afternoon I came home to father holding one an unemployment check, needless to say, I had some explaining to do. To make a long story short I did the whole gig. Resume, suit, smile and went to each and every place I thought of to find a job. I was denied across the board. I was told I was “over qualified” and “check back another time”. “Dammit” I would say to myself. How could this be happening to me? 


After some serious thought, and realizing that I had gained nearly 70lbs since high-school chasing this car career, I made the conscious decision to get into shape. And it was like everyone else’s scenario. I was super unhealthy and knew I needed to get my ass into the gym. So I got a membership, started trying my best and did cardio and some abstract lifting and called it a day. 


A month weight by, and I really hadn’t seen any signs of results. And to add to that fact, my routine of 30min cardio, 30min lifting, 30min cardio, 30min lifting, 20min sauna and 10min abs hadn’t done a damn thing to my body. A woman one day actually came up to me and said “I think you are coming to the gym for too long”. I was devastated. What was I doing wrong? So I researched. 


Growing up, a man I had remembered from childhood was the center of attention in my mind, Arnold Schwarzenegger. I looked at his books and dove head first into them. Realizing there was indeed, a “System”, to it all. Reps, sets, tempo, rest periods and muscle groups all came into my world. Mind you whose reading this, I didn’t know anything about fitness or working out prior to this journey. 


With that being said, only a month later I had lost almost 10lbs! Twice the amount I had lost the previous month. Now I was determined. Returning to the gym with this burning passion to get my body into incredible shape, so I could get the job of my dreams! 


Early BodiesByTim...


With my new knowledge as my ammunition. I continued to train hard and did really mild modest amounts of cardio to finally lose 68lbs. And be back at my original high school weight of 151lbs. It was a monumental moment in my life. A buddy of mine, Steven, who’s still killing it to this day in his own gym, advised me to perhaps be a trainer and start my own business. I thought he was out of his mind. But as time sunk in, I began to realize if I wanted an opportunity, I may have to make one on my own. 


I looked up schools for training and saw “NASM”, the National Academy for Sport Medicine seemed to be at the top of the ranks in more of my searches. I asked my grandfather if he would fund my schooling. As it was something I felt would get me back on my feet. He obliged and I got to work to study and become a professional trainer. Test day came and I couldn’t have been more excited. I think that’s why I failed the first time. I was too confident. That’s right I went with a huge full heart and failed. Disappointed, but not deterred. I got my retest scheduled and studied hard again until that date. This time, I can remember reciting answers in my head to help my study. I was nervous and worried. I didn’t want to fail again. Resting actually costs about $100 to do. So that’s additional stress. Upon finishing the test I took a deep breath. I notified the woman who had helped me that I was done. She took a look at my score “looks like you’re all set. You passed”. I was so stoked! I even asked her if I could hug her lol. She said yes awkwardly, but sorry lady that’s just my style. 


Now that’s I was a NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS), what the first thing you do? Well, look the part right? Lol. I got myself all spiffy with new shirts and shirts. Along with an exercise ball, some dumbbells and a yoga mat. I know that’s it! I I started networking and going to my friends houses and training them in their living room. 6 months later I was finding myself busier than expected and in need of a place to train my clients. Again, my bro Steven to the rescue. He was training at a gym, that allowed trainers to rent time from it, very similar to a hairstylist inside a salon. 


The Birth of BodiesByTim...


Growing in popularity, I made the choice to start branding myself officially as “BodiesByTim”. Simply because I figured “well their body is a result of my teaching”. Plus it had a nice ring to it. I made some shirts, sweaters and back packs to promote myself and got to work as a trainer and the rest is history. I can honestly say I owe a ton of my success to Eric the Trainer and his compassion towards getting me in front of or at all the biggest events with the biggest names.


My Marathon Career...


While training someone at my new gym, a gentleman overheard me speak about my hobby as a runner, and asked me if I would be so kind as to teach or volunteer as a coach for their running club. I was super humbled by that and took him up on the position. Leading the group for almost 2 years and finishing nearly 50 half and whole marathons on the process. Accomplishing the California “Beach Cities” Series. A triple Marathon race along 3 coastal cities within a year. Battered, bruised and the lowest body weight I had been ever, I decided to hang up my shoes and no longer run endurance. 


My NPC Physique Career...


Off-Season: 160lbs / 11% bf

On-Season: 145lbs / 7% bf


It’s now 2011, knowing from Arnold the principles of bodybuilding, I reverted back to my roots and began to lift again. A girl I had been training for a bikini show had returned and was explaining to me one day about this new division of bodybuilding called “Men’s Physique”. Based on a more beach body shape and you would wear board shirts instead of posing suits. I was listening. That day I researched it more and finally made the decision to compete. The thought was after seeing the movie “pumping iron” for research, there would be a lot of cool people and community.


My first show was the West Coast Classic. I had no idea how to “prep” for the show, but was so excited nonetheless. Everyone looked so great and had contributed so much hard work to be there. Back stage was the pump room and dressing rooms. We had an athlete meeting and the sent to relax and hang until prejudging. About 10min before stage time, a guy came backstage and told us all to “pump up”. So I grabbed a resistance band and started flexing every fuckin muscle. I filled it all up with as much blood as I could and walked out there with a huge smile on my face.


As they called our numbers and names, I kept practicing my posing and flexing. “Number 39, Tim Roberts” oh man it was time to shine! I waked our there and must have looked insane lol. Either way after we all walked off and rested until finals. During the show I was able to meet and would like to mention my bro, Shaka Smith. His friendship and support is something I will never forget.


Finals time was here. And all of us cluttered back stage to “pump up” again. As we all walked out, my skin glistening with fake tan, my body swelled with life breathing blood, my eyes gasped to catch all the faces of the crowd. When we were all finally on stage, they called us all up one more time. As they dismissed us, the MC was calling my number, I just didn’t hear him. “Number 39 where you going you’re Top 5, please get back up here”. Top 5? What was that. When I got back on stage their was only 5 of us. Shaka stood next to me and then they started calling out the placings. “5th place goes to...”. Ok well I didn’t get 5th, that’s pretty awesome. “4th place goes to...” wow I didn’t get 4th, 3rd is great. “3rd place goes to...” still not me. “2nd place goes to Tim Roberts”. Incredible, I got 2nd place? Lastly they called Shaka. A woman walked up to us both and whispered “congrats” in our ears then grabbed our hands and turned around. Rising all of our hands up and as we did the cameras went insane. What a moment for me. 


I later went on to compete and place Top 5 in the first Men’s Physique show at the Las Vegas USAs and went up north to Canada to win the “best abs in Vancouver” award. After about 2 years of competing, you realize (A.) to stay competitive you’ll need to take steroids. And (B.) it’s all a gamble. You just have to look at each show and see if the odds are in your favor. I retired from Men’s Physique feeling I had more to offer the world.

Competition History:

2011 West Coast Classic – 2nd

2011 LA Championships – 5th

2011 NPC USA – 4th

2011 NPC Miami – 15th

2012 Iron Man Naturals – 2nd

2012 West Coast Classic – 1st

2012 NPC USA – 16th

2012 NPC Excalibur – 5th

2013 Insider Fitness / Model Search: "Best Abs in Vancouver" Award 


Present Day...


At the moment I’m finishing up the final touches on my elite coaching for my mobile app platform that allows me to train anyone in the world. And my new website is really hitting it off and growing everyday with additional help from my super popular blog. I have also moved gyms. I work now in a beautiful 10,000sqft facility that hosts a hybrid layout for Crossfit, bodybuilding, group classes and even a cafe and media room. Additionally, I’m a current student at Fullerton College. Working to get my kinesiology bachelors and pursue a career of physical therapy. To those who made it this far in reading my bio thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am working hard every day to bring you the best content possible. Don’t ever be afraid to reach put and always invest in yourself.