Monthly Membership

Normally $120.00, NOW $59.00


Membership Includes...


When you sign up, you will not only get a Nutrition Plan, but my Mobile App you can... 

- Track your food to optimize intake and portion size. Finally shedding that weight/fat you haven’t been able to shed for years.

- An Expert Coach to give you feedback, make adjustments, and help keep you accountable.

- Use my Built-In Label Scanner to quickly and easily log over 60,000+ foods.

- Create a Shopping List in seconds to take with you when you shop. 

When you get my Mobile App, you can also...

- Choose a *NEW* Workout Plan every month from our diverse store of over 40 Different training programs!

- Track your Reps, Sets and Weight  for every workout.

- Use my built in "Timer" to let you know when to start/stop in between exercises.

- Ability to Swap Out an exercise when your gym gets busier than usual and you need to improvise. 

My Online Program is based heavily on tight communication. That being said you will love...

- The amazing Facebook Community of like-minded Fitness Fanatics!

- Ability to message me directly anytime through my "In-App" Messaging system!

Expert Coach Workout Feedback: Send and receive feedback when you log workouts so I can adjust and customize your workout accordingly.

Available: Private 1-on-1* Skype or FaceTime Coaching Call. (*Weekly/Monthly Rates Apply)

*The Base Membership Fee is paid once a month and will continue for "12" consecutive payments or one years time. - You may cancel anytime, simply respond within required 45 days notice of cancellation to avoid double-charge.

EXTRA'S & ADD-ONS: "Not Required, but MORE of like the cherry on the sundae!"

Customized Nutrition Plan with 3 Specific Macro Ranges: $147*
Customized Training Plan for the Advanced Lifter: $147*
Monthly 1-on-1 PRO-COACH Call: $59*
Weekly 1-on-1 PRO-COACH Call: $159*



*More Details Below...

*Customized Nutrition Plan with 3 Specific Macro Ranges: ranges will include a plan for Bulking, Cutting and Maintenance Dieting Phases.  *The price for this plan is One-Time Payment.

*Customized Training Plan for the Experienced Lifter: Lifting Tests, Advanced Workouts and Pro Techniques to take your physique places it has never been before and all based on your exact goal in mind.  *The price for this plan is One-Time Payment.

*Monthly 1-on-1 PRO-COACH Call: duration of call will range from 20-60 minutes.
*The price for this plan is either One-Time Payment or Monthly

*Weekly 1-on-1 PRO-COACH Call: duration of call will range from 15-30 minutes.
*The price for this plan is either One-Time Payment or Monthly