The system is simple.

I give you premium online training via my app anywhere you are in the world. And in return we start small and build from there.

First it’s an introduction, a cup of coffee and a hug. Then it’s a care pack, containing items that will indeed help most circumstances.

Next, we begin sending out “Filtered Straws” to those in need here, and all over the world.

Afterward, moving on to “Bucket Filtering Systems”.

Then, a “Sanitation Program” is developed. We build Hand-Pumps, do repairs or dig wells to provide more vital water sources.

Starting with a small well, all the way to a SunSpring!

There are over a BILLION people lack access to safe water and nearly 50,000 people in your own backyard of LA are about to get a hug and at the very least a cup of joe!

And when I say WE, I mean US! This is the beginning of my revolution to help others while helping others. It’s a cycle of love that will be impossible to stop.

Who’s wants in and is eager to change the world?